Potent problem database, numbers

problem name ages topics multiples other standard(s)
Handshaking 12-adult sums of positive integers, combinations, complete graphs representations geometry, variable, data
Tree farm 8-12 counting, grouping, multiplication, commutativity approaches
Checkers 8-adult positive integer addition approaches
Garden fence 12-adult positive integer addition, multiplication, perimeter, area representations geometry, measurement
Getting paid 8-adult positive fractions interpretations measurement
Coat quarters 10-adult positive fractions, discount interpretations  
Painting the house 8-adult positive fraction division representations  
Tortillas 16-adult positive fraction subtraction, algorithms extensions  
Collecting gold 12-adult positive decimals, addition approaches measurement
Had by an ad? 12-adult comparing fractions using percent approaches measurement
Defective CDs 12-adult using fractions in inappropriate ways interpretations  


Last modified 8 July, 2003