Collecting gold

Pretend you are a jeweler. Sometimes people come in to get rings resized. When you cut down a ring to make it smaller, you keep the small portion of gold in exchange for the work you have done. Recently you have collected these amounts:

1.14 g      0.089 g      0.3 g

Now you have a repair job to do for which you need some gold. You are wondering if you have enough. How much gold have you collected? (NCTM P&S 2000, pp. 194-5)


This problem is intended as a motivation for developing algorithms for adding decimals. Students might check their ideas against a calculator's results.

Ignore the decimal points.

14 + 89 + 3 = 106, so the sum is 1.106 or 2.06.

Your experience

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Last updated 30 November, 2004