Coat quarters

The sign says "A quarter off everything in the store." Moreover, that coat you always dreamed of is still in the window. It's marked $199.95. So you dash in and ask to try on the coat. It fits perfectly. The clerk boxes it for you and says, "That'll be $199.70 plus tax." Is that fair?


Yes, it's less than $199.95.

Is it enough less?

Yes, it's a quarter (25 cents) less than $199.95.

What if the sign had said 1/5 off? Is "a quarter off" the same as 25% off?

No, 1/4 off would be about $50, so the price should be closer to $150.

How did the clerk interpret the sign? It it a valid interpretation?

Your experience

Have you used this problem with a class and seen approaches other than(or more specific than) those mentioned above? Or do you have other comments or criticisms or stories? If so, please tell us!

Last updated 30 November, 2004