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Walks: paths, cycles, trails, and circuits

A walk is an alternating sequence of vertices and connecting edges.

Less formally a walk is any route through a graph from vertex to vertex along edges. A walk can end on the same vertex on which it began or on a different vertex. A walk can travel over any edge and any vertex any number of times.

A path is a walk that does not include any vertex twice, except that its first vertex might be the same as its last. two paths
Two paths from U to V

A trail is a walk that does not pass over the same edge twice. A trail might visit the same vertex twice, but only if it comes and goes from a different edge each time. a trail
A trail from U to V

A cycle is a path that begins and ends on the same vertex. a cycle
A circuit is a trail that begins and ends on the same vertex. a circuit
For simple graphs, it is unambigous to specify a walk by naming only the vertices that it crosses. For pseudographs and multigraphs, you must also specify the edges since there might be multiple edges connecting vertices.

For digraphs, walks can travel edges only in the direction of the arrows.

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