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Gallery of graphs and algorithms
C(4) C(10) K(3,3)K(4,2)
W(5) W(6) The Peterson graph The Grötzsch graph
The Heawood graph A three-regular graph The graph of the dodecahedron
The Herschel graph A 3-regular graph
with diameter of 3
The Grinberg graphThe Tutte graph

A graph modeling Sly Spy

A graph modeling Robot Tracks

The spectacle graph

A network modeling Planning a Dance

A network modeling making a spaghetti dinner

Algorithms (Click to load into the StepperTM. Please be patient while algorithms load.)

Build-up algorithm for spanning trees

Takeout algorithm for spanning trees

Random-choice algorithm for spanning trees

Planarity-checking algorithm

Euler circuit algorithm for Eulerian graphs

Hamiltonian graph algrorithm

Finding bridges by paths

Finding bridges by connectedness

CPM for finding a critical path in a network

List-processing algorithm

Listing permutations

Listing permutations with repetition

Listing combinations

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