Potent problem database, geometry

problem name ages topics multiples other standard(s)
Comparing solids 8-adult solids, faces, edges, vertices answers  
Treasure 13-adult coordinates, slopes, equations of lines, coordinates of midpoint, trapezoids approaches, interpretations variables
Box nets 5-adult 3-d visualization, cubes, nets, pentominoes, transformations answers, extensions  
Warehouses 5-adult vertex-edge graphs, degree of vertex, (minimal dominating set), changing inutitions intuitions, approaches  
Twisted rope 13-adult 3-d visualization, regular polygons, topology, Mobius strips, relatively prime numbers approaches numbers
The angle 14-adult complementary, supplementary angles, triangles, quadrilaterals approaches measurement
Candy bar 13-adult area, perimeter, solving linear equation in two variables approaches variables, numbers


Last modified 8 July, 2003