Solving an equation

Solve the equation 6x + 2 = 16 in as many ways as you can.


What's a solution?

response: remind of earlier definition: a number you substitute for x to get a true statement. For example, is 2 a solution?

Guess and check.

There's no solution.

response: Why not? Are there numbers besides integers?

Undoing; if x was multipled by 6 and then 2 was added to get 16, to get back to x you subtract 2 and divide by 6.

Arrow diagrams

Balancing the equation

Graphing y = 6x + 2 on calculator, tracing to see where y-value is 16 or looking at table.

Graphing y = 6x + 2 and y = 16 on calculator, tracing to find intersection point.

Your experience

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Last updated 30 November, 2004